On July 11th, 2015, Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County held their second annual Wine Festival at the Cedars at Dungeness in the Dungeness Valley near Sequim, Washington.

I was invited to shoot both stills and video of the event for them. Partly to document the event and partly for an upcoming video we are working on for their website. So I took my assistant Jenna Rose along to help with the shoot. Not only did we get some great footage and images, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at this great benefit for the under-housed of Clallam County.

The Habitat folks know how to put a benefit together and this one really shined, in spite of an occasional passing rain shower that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the several hundred folks who attended from all over the state. Seventeen wine vendors representing dozens of various vintages from local to across the globe were out in force pouring wine for the attendees. Also representing two mini breweries for those more inclined to have a designer brew were making a hit with the crowds.

The food was absolutely first class! Fresh local fruit and veggies, various types of cheeses and salamis, grilled oysters with bacon and melted blue chees, smoked salmon, and different breads! I ate way too much of …. everything! Great stuff.

Meanwhile two local bands, Locals Only and the Straight Shots belted out that good old rock and roll! Jenna, my assistant even got me on the dance floor for a few dances! We had a great time in between shots. We met a ton of people, some local folks I hadn’t seen in a while and everyone had a great time. Most of all the benefit raised a fair amount of money for the Habitat vision here in Clallam County.

Check out the sidebar for some of the images I shot at the event!

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