A couple of months ago I was interviewed by Kari Desser of Peninsula College who was doing an article for their PC magazine. The magazine comes out prior to each quarter with Peninsula College’s upcoming quarter offerings. She wanted to do a story about a successful alumni of the college. In my case, an older veteran who went back to school to change directions in life and take on a new career. That would be me.

As it got closer to the release of the story and the magazine, Laura Loftgren of the Peninsula Daily News in Port Angeles was looking for a older person that went back to school to change directions in their life for their Lifelong Journey Magazine. Kari shared the story she was working on for the PC magazine about my ‘journey.’

Lifelong Journey was inserted in the Wednesday edition of the Sequim Gazette and the Friday edition of the PDN.

I was honored by being featured in both magazines this month. You really can’t buy that kind of advertising for my new business and the new journey that I am on.

I want to take a moment to thank not only Kari Desser and Laura Loftgren, but my good friend, mentor, and video professor Renne Brock-Richmond for how much help she has given me when I was at Peninsula College and now that I am in business. Thank you all!

Here is the article in the Lifelong Journey magazine. The PC magazine has not been released quite yet.


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