UAV Aerial Bluff Inspection and Survey

Spirit Two has been getting quite a work out lately and hasn’t let me down yet. We entered the bluff inspection and survey field with a recent job inspecting a high bluff waterfront property along the Strait. We were amazed at what we found.

We have been doing aerial real estate listing work, photographing utilities from the air, and using the UAV in documentary film making. All in a day’s work for Spirit Two.

Today I created a short film highlighting the uses of our UAV to inspect and survey high bank waterfront properties along the Strait and the Puget Sound areas. Using a UAV is an economical decision to record previously inaccessible property’s erosion problems, especially those of man-made kind. The property owner can then take a course of action that will limit further erosion and have a video record and date of that survey.

So if you are a high bank bluff owner that has never seen close up the condition of your bluff, please contact us for an estimate for our services. We service all of Northwestern Washington.