Peninsula College’s Pirate Zombie Mud Run

The zombies were out in full force at Peninsula College’s 2016 Pirate Zombie Mud Run on Saturday the 7th of May!

I got a call from Emma Janssen, Peninsula College’s Web Manager the day before the zombie run and asked if I could come and shoot some aerial and ground based video for them. She apologized for such short notice, but that wasn’t necessary, as all I had planned was pulling weeds in my garden and mowing the lawn. Ah, not much of a decision really. Besides I like Emma and the folks at Peninsula. They have been very kind to me the past three years. I  actually shot some footage at the first run back in 2014, so I knew what to expect, although they changed it up a bit from the original run.

The first run was students only, but they opened it to the public the following year and event has only gotten larger with more than 300 folks participating this year including little children. Instead of running everyone at the same time like last year, the little ones got to go first at 9:30, followed by the very little ones at 11:30. Then the adult took to 5K course at 1:00. An absolute hoot!

It was a perfect May day! It would get into the 70’s, along with being bright and clear. It was a little breezy, but Spirit Two responded without issue. It was most certainly a glorious day for a zombie mud run!

Helen from the maintenance department was kind enough to tote me and my equipment around the course in their maintenance cart, while I flew Spirit Two and shooting from the ground with my Canon C100 mk II. It kept me moving throughout the day. Rick Ross bought me lunch and was shooting stills throughout the event. Jeremiah Johnson (no he didn’t have a full beard and ride a horse) organized this event for the last three years and has done a great job, only making the event that much better each year.

The kids had smiles from ear to ear as they swam in the mud, ripped through the foam tunnel, and shot down the 65 foot water slide. But those smiles didn’t disappear when the zombies were chasing the adults along the trail behind the college, climbing the 14 foot tall tire wall, or making it through the mud pit to finish at the bottom of that same water slide!

And just like that the Peninsula College 2016 Pirate Zombie Mud Run came to an end! Hope they ask me back to shoot the next one. I’ll forego mowing my lawn anytime for chasing zombies around the campus! Here are some frame captures of event.