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cfr 14 part 107 law of the land!

Today CFR 14 Part 107 became the law of the land. It was a long time coming.
Over five years ago the congress tasked the FAA to create laws concerning the commercial use of drones or UAVs as I like to call them, in the US airspace. Because it took them so long to put this law into effect, a stop gap measure was instituted for the film industry, agriculture, inspection folks, etc. that needed to use UAVs for their industries. So the FAA created a limited time exemption called the FAA section 333 exemption, of which I was given one for Spirit Vision Films almost a year ago. It was designed to help usher in the commercial use of UAVs until the final laws were drafted and codified in the National Register.

Two months ago the FAA finally got their act together and presented their new law to congress and it was called CFR 14 part 107. It takes 60 days from the time a law is accepted till they actually become law. Today was that day.
Under the new law, instead of having to get an expensive sport, recreational, or private pilots license to fly a UAV under the Section 333 exemption program, the FAA created a whole new animal .. the Remote Pilot certificate. Basically, a pilot’s license to fly UAVs commercially.

I said all that because today I took my pilot’s test in Gig Harbor, WA and passed! I studied for it for a couple of weeks prior. But nobody really knew what was going to be on it …. until today. I won’t lie, it was a tough test!
It will be a few days for my test to get sent from the CATS testing center to the FAA’s database and my application finalized, but I should have it in hand in a very short while! Yeah! I’m very stoked!

Because of being the first day this test was available, I and my company Spirit Vision Films will be one of the first to have this new license in the state of Washington. But there will be now a floodgate of applications for the new license as it is only a matter of studying for the test and paying the $150 for the test to get it. The United States commercial UAV field is about to explode!

UPDATE: After two month the permanent license finally arrived from the FAA.


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