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mcdonald creek bridge update

Some projects like the real estate videos we create are very short term. Others like the On the Road series take several months to complete filming and editing.

But this particular project breaks the records for length of time to complete! The Clallam County Road Department hired Spirit Vision Films to document the removal and rebuilding of the old McDonald Creek Bridge with a new, wider, longer ….. and much safer bridge along the Old Olympic Highway between Sequim and Port Angeles, Washington.

When I worked for Clallam County as their District 1 Road Maintenance supervisor, this bridge was the dividing line between our district and District 2 of Port Angeles.

Like most bridges in our area when the snow flies in the mountains and the temperatures drop these bridges freeze-up constantly and have to be sanded almost every day to keep traffic safely moving along the Old Oly in the winter time. The cold air moves down the mountains along the river, creek, and stream valleys and with the moisture from these streams, frost appears overnight on the bridge decks. The McDonald Creek bridge is no exception.

Because the Old Olympic Highway was widened on both sides of this narrow bridge, it had become a choke point along this highway. I personally am glad to see its removal and ultimately being replaced with a safe, wider, and modern bridge.

The county hired SVF to fly the bridge project once a week for 36 weeks. Yes, that’s next March folks! We will then combine the aerial footage of the bridge project with the images that the inspector is taking from the ground to produce a video of the rebuilding process and finished bridge.

In the meantime, I filmed the take down of the bridge yesterday from both our cinema camera and our UAV. Enjoy!

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