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move to higher ground

Last May I took a couple days off and headed to La Push, Washington, home of the Quileute Nation. I spent the night in one of their very cool cabins on First Beach.

After working with Jackie Jacobs, the tribe’s media consultant to get permission to fly  Spirit 3 around the beautiful coastal area  of the reservation for an upcoming episode of On the Road, I was granted that permission. The tribe’s media policy is very strict and I was appreciative of being granted that privilege.

For that permission, Jackie asked if I would share some clips for the Quileute’s compelling film, Move to Higher Ground, a look at what would happen to their children’s school if a tsunami hit the reservation. Because the tribe is at sea level, the destruction would be catastrophic and a generation of Quileute’s would be lost if the only road in and out of the reservation would get cut-off by an earthquake.

Although Spirit Vision Films contributed to the aerial views of the reservation, it is my intent to make the viewer aware of their dire situation and hopefully, a solution can be found to alleviate this threat to the children of the tribe.

Please enjoy this very compelling film and maybe you will be the one to help them move these children to higher ground. Thank you.

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