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With the advent of the covid-19 pandemic in the last year and half, Spirit Vision Films was asked by ROCUSA (Resident Owned Community), a business based in New Hampshire to help them do a film here in the Pacific Northwest.

ROCUSA is an organization devoted to helping manufactured home communities become resident-owned corporations and thereby saving their homes when a owner decides to sell his or her investment.

This video is a story of Wendell Verduin, former owner of Evergreen Estates manufactured home community in Centralia, Washington and his desire to see his previous tenants owners of their own community and how that was accomplished.

In this day and age of an affordable housing crisis, residents of their communities find help with financing and a ten-year commitment by ROCUSA and ROC Northwest, a local affiliate of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center, in Olympia, Washington, one of our first clients.

If you are an owner of a manufactured home community thinking about selling your community, you should think of calling or contacting ROCUSA or ROC Northwest here in Washington. Your residents will very appreciate at least the opportunity to own their own homes. Thank you!

www.rocusa.org, or www.rocnorthwest.com

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