On October 16, 2015 Spirit Vision Films LLC was granted an FAA Section 333 Exemption to fly UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) commercially or what most people commonly refer to as a ‘drone.’ Now personally I do not like that term. To me it conjures up images of an unmanned Predator fixed wing aircraft raining Hellfire missiles and shooting 40mm cannons at Taliban or ISIS positions in the Mideast, while the pilot is tucked away in a bunker half a world away, never actually seeing the bird he flies. But that’s me. And if your comfortable using the term ‘drone,’ I will not correct you for it. I like ‘UAV’ because I think it is considerably more benign in my humble opinion.

Today many people have bought UAVs of varying sophistication and fly them for fun or in our case commercially. The problem with many UAV owners is there seems to be a crossover to some extent. Some owners fly them commercially without an exemption from the FAA, which in the US is against the law. The FAA has not finalized their regulations on commercial use as of yet. Hence the exemption program. Currently there are over 4500 UAV operators exempted by the FAA in the US to fly commercially, including Spirit Vision Films.The process takes at least 5 months and a lot of paperwork. Your exempt UAV becomes a registered aircraft with ‘N’ numbers, flight plans, COAs (certificate of waiver) and monthly reports … just like a regular aircraft. So it is important as a potential client of someone flying a UAV for hire to ask them if they are exempted by the FAA’s Section 333 program. And go a step further and ask them to show that exemption to you. We not only will show you our exemption papers, but our $500,000 liability insurance policy for our UAV operations, as well as our $1,000,000 liability policy for our business. As a potential client of any UAV pilot you want to make sure if something goes wrong in a flight that they have enough insurance to cover the accident. Otherwise you will be liable, along with the operator, who if flying as a hobbist probably has no insurance whatsoever.

Our UAV is a 3.5 pound DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter equipped with a video and still camera mounted in a three axis gimbal to take high quality HD video or photographs from the air. And it does a fantastic job for a small platform!

We offer several different services with ‘Spirit Two,’ which I affectionately call our Phantom UAV. And yes, I had a ‘Spirit One’ as well. UAV’s are very tough, but they are not waterproof! Saltwater is very hard on them.

We offer real estate listing videos and still photographs highlighting homes and property from the air. Our UAV is ideal for high bank bluff inspection and survey where the property owner cannot actually see the face of the bluff. A very economical solution to document a property or look for issues that one can’t see from the ground. (Please check out our promo video on bluff inspections). We also do documentary filming with our UAV. Spirit Vision films is not just an aerial videography company but we create videos with our ground based HD cameras, and also use our aerial camera to add a different prospective to the film. (Please look at our recently completed documentary film on the northwest niche wool industry, financed by the USDA for the Pacific Northwest Fiber Web.)

So give us a call for your aerial or grounded based video or still image needs. We will give you estimate of costs based on those needs. Thank you!